It is no surprise that the fashion for naturalness is not going away and is becoming more widespread every year. This also applies to bathtubs and sinks made of stone, which a growing number of customers are delighted with. This is due not only to the extravagance, but also to the durability and reliability of these products. Reading this article will surely change more than one person’s attitude about these items.

Sinks and bathtubs made of stone. Comfort and luxury are guaranteed.

It may come as a surprise to many that a solid stone bathtub can be warm. This is because most people base their beliefs on their experiences with cold stones in the river. Meanwhile, everyone now acknowledges that stone can both retain and maintain ambient temperatures. The bathtub can reach a temperature of 21-23 degrees, which is the average temperature in a house. Thus, it is possible to pour warmer water into it, and thus enjoy a large bath within the four walls of our apartment.

Many customers liked the heat retention of the tubs so much that they started installing them not only in their bathrooms but even on terraces or in gardens. It was also noticed that in the summer months when the stone heated up during the day – in the evening and at night it remained much warmer than the air temperature. This was surprising to many, as the difference was a few degrees and touching the stone caused a noticeable warmth beating from the stone. Hence, it is no longer unusual to see a stone bathtub or a stone sinks in the garden. The sensation of bathing in the evenings is indescribable. Little by little, more and more people are becoming so accustomed to stone bathtubs and sinks that they cannot imagine buying these products made of any other material again.

The feeling of human skin in contact with natural stone always gives a feeling of naturalness. It is so pleasant that it is addictive.

Of course, the most important aspect is design – the stone is unique and a bathtub or washbasin made of stone in a bathroom or garden always attracts attention.

By Carol

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