Shopify is a platform that offers many business development opportunities. Knowing all its functionalities and having at least basic coding skills, you can create an online store that will stand out from the competition, operate efficiently, increase customer interaction and profit. Learn more about Shopify Plus solutions, which include Shopify Scripts and Hydrogen Shopify!

  • What is Shopify Scripts?
  • What is Hydrogen Shopify?
  • Scripts and Hydrogen Apps – ways to actually increase conversions in your online store

What is Shopify Scripts?

What is worth knowing about Shopify Scripts and Shopify Hydrogen? Let’s start with the first one. It is an application that allows you to build many solutions on pieces of code. Thanks to this, the user creates his own solutions that are tailored to the needs of his Shopify store.

Scripts enable this build custom storefronts. They facilitate work on the elements necessary for a quick and efficient ordering, payment, and shipping process. Scripts also makes it easy to automate discounts in the Shopify ecosystem.

How else can you custom Shopify storefronts? Using Scripts allows you to create a rule, thanks to which the customer will receive a price list for shipping to a specific country. You can also introduce a rule that determines which group of customers will receive free delivery or a discount, e.g. for loyal and returning customers.

What is Hydrogen Shopify?

One solution that allows you to improve your online store is Hydrogen Shopify. It is a React framework. This is an option that makes running a business in the trade industry much easier. This Shopify Hydrogen framework allows you to build and design. At the same time, the user does not have to focus on configuration. The framework uses the Storefront API and is designed to make coding simple and efficient. All Hydrogen components simplify working on projects in Shopify. Thanks to Hydrogen, developers gain access to client component code transformations.

React server components in Hydrogen storefronts accelerate the rendering of static elements on websites, making them load faster. This is better perceived by potential customers.

Scripts and Hydrogen Apps – ways to actually increase conversions in your online store

Even though both Shopify apps are aimed at different areas of operation and customizstion of the custom storefront on the e-commerce platform in question, both allow you to optimise your store for the needs of search engines and users. They also increase conversion in the online store.

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